House Parents

Sunil Samuel & Joythirmayee Gudigundla

Sunil and Joythi came to Hope Now in February of 2014. They both took up this job because they love to be around children. Being a father and mother to 58 children is a challenge. These two meet that challenge with tremendous grace, laughter and understanding.

Chandramohan & Mani Kumari Mekala

Chandramohan and Mani are newcomers. They joined Hope Now in April of 2017 and still getting to know all of the kids. Mani is on night watch in the boys dorm, working with them to learn English and help with homework. Before joining our family they worked with our long-time partner Nireekshana working with families living with HIV. We are lucky to have them.

Machelle Norling

Co-Founder / Director

I am a teller of stories. A journalist by trade. A nonprofit convert for life. I found myself in India in 2000 – looking for an experience for my then 13-year- old son that would impress upon him the reality of life outside the US. Life has never been the same. I was working in the field of HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention in partnership with government departments and other NGOs. When HIV/AIDS began its deadly sweep through India – children were left behind. When kids experience trauma, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel –especially in the developing world.

I have spent the last 10-plus years helping build a home and programming, creating a path to a successful adult life for our kids. I split my time between India and Minnesota. While in Minnesota, I find creative ways to tell our story and build relationships with people who care about kids. While in India, we are always working to make sure our kids have what they need to grow. And, I get to spend time with our kids, which honestly is the best part of my job.

House Parent ~ Father

Long-term Volunteer ~ Mentor

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